Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Meander

#vss Berlin became him, was him. There, his thoughts danced passionately with his mind. When he finally left, hollow, most of him stayed on.

#vss It burrowed deeper into him,infecting his speech.Even his sharp tongue couldn't cut it out.Finally, he gave in and did the hokey-cokey

#vss His nose just a triangle,the rest were ellipses&lines.His rectanglar jaw trembled.Geometrical surgery hadnt really straightened him out

#vss They banished him.Erased his username&untagged his tweets.He was an outlander.They hung his photos on Flickr&Facebook,his face cut out

#vss She owned a taxonomy machine.If pointed at anything,it could categorise in seconds.I pointed it at her&it exploded.We don't speak now.

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  1. A small note to say I enjoy reading your blog.