Friday, 1 May 2009

Friday's batch

#vss "Why is science important?" the teacher asked. Jim didn't know.But it was the only class where he got to sit next to Jilly Braithwaite

#vss Inside the wreck,he wriggled his toes excitedly.It was beautiful.Even if the treasure wasnt here,the tales he could sell were priceless

#vss She loved falling in love but hated being in love.She understood this&lived alone at a lakeside villa.Her selfhelp books made her rich.

#vss He craved space on the page like he needed space in his rooms. Minimalism, they called it. His favourite was a one letter novel. "I".

#vss It was the perfume that betrayed him.She turned,finger on the trigger."Any regrets?"she asked."Yes.I should have lived a life of crime"

#vss He kept his name in a box.His friends didnt know his real name.Most called him John.Before we buried him along with it,I sneaked a peak

#vss Take this cup&drink,my friend.Let's celebrate the end of our conflict.They smiled&kissed while the ordinary gunfire petaled their home.

His mood would flip through the day like a weathercock on a remote island hilltop.Anyone could change it by gently blowing in the wind. #vss

#vss He screwed it open&placed his ear to the jar. Inside was stored the sound of his first birthday. He heard its silence for the 1st time.

#vss Crashrangutan,dont fool me into thinking youre real,like a Keelboot or a brush-backed eel.Surprise me!Tell all in words stippled in dew

His face a shadow against the sun-crisp sky,he turned to face her.He couldn't quite muster the guts to tell the truth. &he never would #vss

May opened her arms&gave him cocoa.He'd been out keeping the vampires at bay.She felt his deathly cold skin&his teeth sunk in her neck #vss

#6wordstory Salt-lipped with lust, he short-changed love.

#vss A sharp word halved her thoughts into left&right.She'd push words across her hands,walk thru fields of novels.They named her Jekylline.

Depending upon how he upskills,we'll def deep-end him.It'll unroot those annoying certainties he has,make him more pliant&easy to sack. #vss

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