Thursday, 30 April 2009

Today's Stories

On a cruel Walpurgis night,the poets sharpened their teeth&dusted off their cloaks.They stole through children's pockets,secreting poems.

Foolishly,he only retweeted in anger.His followers would divide into two sorts-those who adored his tantrums&those who waited to be next.

Leafless&in love,the plant asked her gardener for an extra shot of nitrates.He refused.She'd get her leaves back one day&then she could wed.

5-7-5 prose attempt... A snake threatens rain. They laugh at its lies and head. Kids just can't be told.

Muscular,white bread legs greeted her downcast head as she scurried to heel alongside her Pa.She knew her place but he couldn't imagine his.

On her 40th birthday,she lost her languages&lost the friends who spoke them.She always suspected her ex-husband had stolen them&her friends.

The corridor stank.She lit a cigarette,exchanging one foul smell for another.She pushed herself back,hoping she'd get caught.A stank thrill

He carved his initials into the bark,put down his knife&started to read of a man who carved his initials into a tree,gasped&started to bleed

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